Documentation / Professional Edition

The graphic on the right shows which components can be used in the Professional edition:

  1. C/C++, Java, C# and Python programming lanuage bindings
  2. ARM agent implementation supporting following datasinks:
  3. File, TCP/IP and database datasink
  4. Filestorage component to write/read ARM data to/from a temporary file if the datasink is (not) available
  5. myarmfiled daemon to read ARM data from files written by the File datasink forwarding it to a myarmtcpd using the TCP/IP datasink
  6. myarmtcpd daemon collecting ARM data from other hosts and processing it (trigger an email according to configured thresholds) and writing the ARM data to a database
  7. MySQL and SQLite3 database support
  8. Providing grahpical user interface, web user interface and command line tools for analysing measured ARM data