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myarmservcmd -- sends commands to daemon processes

The myarmservcmd command line tool is used to send commands to MyARM daemon processes. With these commands it is possible to trigger actions within these servers.

Command line options


myarmservcmd [options] name command

The myarmservcmd command supports the standard options described in appendix "Standard options" and the following options:

-l num, --loop num
executes the specified command within a loop num times
-r num, --retry num
If execution fails, retry num times before terminating
-w secs, --wait secs
Wait secs seconds between a retry or a loop iteration

The name argument is used to specify to which server the command should be send. Currently the following names are supported:

sends the given command to the myarmtcpd daemon process.
the given command to the myarmfiled daemon process.

The command argument specifies the command to be executed. The following set of commands are supported by all daemons:

queries all available commands for this server.
queries general version and build information about the running server.
signals the server to terminate.

For server specific commands see the appropriate server section.

See Also
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