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myarmfiled -- file based ARM data collection daemon

The myarmfiled daemon waits for new ARM data files in the configured directory which are copied to that directory by the file datasink.

Command line options


myarmfiled [options]

The myarmfiled command supports standard options described in appendix "Standard options" and Windows service options described in section "Agent daemon as a Windows service".


In addition to the basic daemon configuration described in Configuring daemons the myarmfiled program can be configured using the following properties in the configuration file.
specifies the datasink the received ARM data is written to. (See appendix "Configuring datasink component" for more details)
enables or disables the command TCP channel for the myarmfiled.
defines the host/interface where the myarmfiled listens for incoming command connections.

Default host is localhost.

specifies the command TCP channel port to use.
defines the file where the myarmfiled program writes its process id to.

Default is /tmp/

user and group identification for the running myarmfiled. (See configuration section for more details)
defines the logging message options and destination for the myarmfiled program. (See appendix "Configuring Log facility" for more details)
defines the resource watch dog logging for the myarmtcpd program. (See appendix "Configuring resource watch dog" for more details) (Obsolete since "2.1.x.0")
replaced by (Obsolete since "2.1.x.0")
replaced by basic.filestorage.reader.scan.period. (Obsolete since "2.1.x.0")
replaced by basic.filestorage.reader.scan.keep_corrupt.
filed.basename (Obsolete since "2.1.x.0")
Configuration example
# set up directory to move closed work files to = /opt/myarm/var/myarmfiles
# scan the directory each 5 seconds. = 5
# use mysql datasink database = db_mysql
# myarmfiled daemon process user name
filed.user = myarm
# myarmfiled daemon process group name = myarm
# myarmfiled daemon configuration section
filed.pidfile = /opt/myarm/var/
# set up command host/interface myarmfiled is listening on = localhost
# set up port myarmfiled is listening for incoming command
# connections
filed.cmd.port = 5554

Daemon commands

The myarmfiled program supports currently only the standard daemon commands as described in section daemon command tool.

See Also
myarmoptions, myarmconfig, myarmservcmd