Standard dialogs

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Standard dialogs

Print dialog

The MyARM-Manager also uses some standrd dialogs as described in the next chapters. These are used for printing and for chosing the background color/grid color of the graph view. Since the print dialog is a little bit different betwen windows and Unix both are described here.

On Unix

The print dialog on Unix is divided into different sections. These can be identified via the small title in the top left corner of each section. The following sections exist.

Figure: The print dialog on Unix

On Windows

On Windows the standard operating system print dialog is used. This dialog is very similar to the one described above, while the properties dialog is very printer specific. Please consult your printer manual for details regarding these properties.

Color dialog

The second standard dialog that is used by the MyARM-Manager is the color dialog. The color dialog allows to select a specific color which is then used for example as background of the current graph. How the selected color is used depends on the situation when the dialog was called. The dialog is divided into different sections. These are

Clickong on the "OK" button selects the formerly chosen color.

Figure: The color dialog