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Here is a brief description of changes from one release to another of MyARM:

Release 2.1.x.3 (November 2013)
  • Installation (Build 4621): script now asks for creating/changing symbolic link (e.g. /opt/myarm) which should point to the currently in use MyARM version.
  • Web-Browser (Build 4617): Added preferences support for enabling/disabling clock offset adjustments of different systems.
  • Web-Browser (Build 4614): Within the sequence chart of the myarmbrowser web application clock offsets between different systems (hosts) are shown in the legend.
  • Web-Browser (Build 4618): myarmbrowser.fcgi script now tries to use a symbolic link (e.g. /opt/myarm) to find the current MyARM installation if the script is located outside a MyARM installation (e.g. /usr/bin/fcgi-bin/)
  • Web-Browser (Build 4616): Within the SideBar statistics view of the myarmbrowser web application the sigma ranges showed only zero values if all measurements of the current view were less than 1.0.
  • Web-Browser (Build 4613): ARM user defined metrics are now highlighted with a light blue background color within the myarmbrowser web application.

Release 2.1.x.2 (November 2013)
  • Web-Browser (Build 4605): Fixed sequence chart legend not displaying all used transaction names (if different applications use the same transaction name).
  • Web-Browser (Build 4604): Implemented algroithm to synchronize timestamps within a transaction tree if the clocks on different systems (hosts) differ. This helps drawing a corrected sequence diagram.
  • Web-Browser (Build 4572): Sequence diagram now supports overlapped measurements due to asynchronous workflow.
  • Tools (Build 4569): myarminfo works now even if there is no valid license key

Release 2.1.x.1 (Augist 2013)
  • Web-Browser (Build 3923): Added support for a pre-defined user using a config property.
  • Database (Build 4124): SQLite database speedup with large amount of measurements
  • Web-Browser (Build 4404): SpeedUp diagram shows percentage speed up if no concurrency user defined attribute is found.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3917): Removed 'Please select' placeholder in some drop-down list selections.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3910): Status and error messages must be cleared by the user explicitly by clicking the clear button or hitting the 'Use' button again.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3919): Treeview icon state is now updated correctly after configuration loading.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3912): Fixed bookmark loading of selections with more than one selected entities.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3910): Fixed crash if data source could not be opened.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3906): Fixed include time checkbox (it was not possible to uncheck the checkbox) in Bookmark dialog.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3905): Fixed wrong loading of transactions for a specific configuration if no transactions was found for that configuration.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3896): Fixed layout bug if tree view was changed in size and was later on hidden and shown again.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3887): Fixed loading of URI and context properties for a specific configuration.

Release 2.1.x.0 (January 2013)
  • Web-Browser (Build 3676): Added myarmbrowser administrator user support.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3662): Disable multiple day selection if a MySQL database contains only transactions for one day.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3655): Improved sequence diagram layout engine.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3644): Added support for preloading URI information for easy selection.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3601): Added dropped transaction sidebar panel.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3599): One day and multiple day pre-defined date selection are now only presented if transactions are available for the appropriate date.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3573): Only dates with transaction measurement are selectable within the calendar popup dialog.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3566): Added context property filtering support.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3560): Added URI filtering support.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3557): Added Sidebar transaction distribution support (including coloring of appropriate table column).
  • Web-Browser (Build 3549): Added more 9 more approaches to select transactions and the possibility to enable/disable some approaches.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3547): Added HTTP-Auth remote user support.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3546): Added statistical transaction metrics.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3542): Added support for renaming a stored configuration.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3538): Added push button to set the current time rounded by the current time interval.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3532): Added min and max time interval configuration properties.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3530): Added number of elements for system, application and transaction instances in the "please select" entry of the appropriate dropbox.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3763): Added URL bookmark support in myarmbrowser web interface.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3728): Added SpeedUp support in myarmbrowser web interface.
  • Tools (Build 3773): myarmquery did not process all transactions which have the same name but different IDs due to different identity context properties.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3637): myarmbrowser works now with SQLite3 database.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3562): All strings are read from database in UTF8 encoding.

Release 2.0.x.1 (August 2012)
  • Web-Browser (Build 3444): Added context menu for choosing preferred time interval for single day selection mode.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3441): Added support for saving chart layout and tree filtering information into a configuration.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3436): Added tooltip with complete transaction name for transaction names which were cut due to its length.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3431): Added preference entries for transaction tree depth and %-filter.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3430): Added transaction limit of a tree.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3425): Added new background color for context properties.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3434): Added possibility to save a configuration without selecting an entity. This can be used for saving a filter only configuration.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3443): Fixed wrong selection criteria path if attribute filtering was active and no transactions were selected.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3440): Fixed UTF8 problem within configuration name loading.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3433): Fixed too short reported database operations.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3432): Fixed inconsistent preferences and layout information after an user change.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3429): Fixed crash if %-filter was used within tree view.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3427): Fixed busy loop within sequence response time chart if a sequence was shown with context properties and the next shown chart had no context properties.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3425): Fixed overwriting of legend background box.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3424): Fixed clearing of transaction details in tree view if no tree was shown.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3422): Fixed german weekday abbreviations.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3411): Fixed inconsistent percentage values of pie chart legend.

Release 2.0.x.0 (June 2012)
  • Web-Browser (Build 3410): Added web 2.0 interface myarmbrowser to analyse measured data from a standard web browser.
  • Web-Browser (Build 3313): Added web 2.0 interface myarmparallel to analyse measured response times of parallel algorithms supporting calculation of the Speedup indicator.
  • Database (Build 3396): Updated SQLite database to version
  • Database (Build 3392): Optimized database layout which reduced the amount of stored data an increased the querying performance.
  • Datasource (Build 3238): Improved correlation process of a single transaction tree alot.

Release 1.4.x.2 (November 2011)
  • Tools (Build 2857): Added support for MySQL transaction isolation level for myarmquery tool.
  • Database (Build 3010): Removed 'DROP TRIGGER IF EXISTS' SQL statement for creating the MySQL database tables. This prevents a hanging myarmtcpd if all tables are already created and some other processes uses some MyARM tables.
  • Database (Build 2865): MySQL 5.5 is now supported by MyARM.

Release 1.4.x.1 (April 2011)
  • Documentation (Build 2738): Added apache license to the distribution.
  • Database (Build 2727): Full correlation of transactions did not work properly. Sometimes this could caused a crash if used with SQLite database.
  • Installation (Build 2726): Community Edition installer script for unix systems asked for a license key.
  • Installation (Build 2725): In the Community Edition the default configuration properties for some command line tools were missing.
  • Tools (Build 2728): myarminitdb --drop did not work with SQLite.

Release 1.4.x.0 (February 2011)
  • Datasource (Build 2540): Now all ARM definitions are loaded initially from the database and managed internally within the current process. This improves navigation performance in the MyARM manager alot.
  • Configuration (Build 2585): Restructured configuration files and directories. Now an include and a template directory exists which separates include config files and template config files.
  • Database (Build 2665): Updated SQLite database to version 3.7.4.
  • Database (Build 2581): Removed environment ${USER} reference from MySQL database configuration. Now uses a generic myarm MySQL user.
  • Datasource (Build 2537): ARM application and transaction definitions are now retrieved in its name order.
  • Documentation (Build 2610): Now the documentation for each edition contains only the included features.
  • Tools (Build 2673): Added tools.query.appformat config property.
  • Tools (Build 2656): If an error occured under Windows in the MySQL datasource the tools aborted with an unhandled exception.
  • Tools (Build 2631): myarmquery can now filter application instance according to their application group or instance.
  • Tools (Build 2589): Under some circumstances myarmquery reported same values for different application instances.
  • Tools (Build 2588): If connection to the MySQL database could not be established the error messages were not correctly reported.
  • Tools (Build 2570): Change documentation for constraint options --app-instance and --app-group. Now it supports operators like equal ('=', etc).
  • Tools (Build 2549): myarmquery with -a option the printed start and stop date of an application was wrong. Splitted date and time formatting specifier.

Release 1.3.x.6 (October 2010)
  • Tools (Build 2452): Date and time values passed to the options like --start-from and similar had a daylight saving time one hour offset in months with active daylight saving time.

Release 1.3.x.5 (August 2010)
  • Documentation (Build 2423): Added the technical guides describing the overhead of a transaction measurement and a guide which explains how to optimize the MySQL backend.
  • Tools (Build 2395): myarmexport can export into a MySQL database again. The database tables were not correctly generated.
  • Tools (Build 2390): The --context of the myarmquery program was not documented.

Release 1.3.x.4 (May 2010)
  • Configuration (Build 2288): Removed old MySQL database configuration property <name>.database.
  • Datasource (Build 2329): MySQL datasource now escapes all definition names as MySQL requires it.
  • Miscellaneous (Build 2277): Small change to the script which avoids an error if $HOME is not set.
  • Tools (Build 2324): Command line tools now supports escaping a colon (':'). This is needed because a colon is the delimiter to separate application and transaction definition names.

Release 1.3.x.3 (April 2010)
  • Analysis (Build 2244): Added configuration property to switch between UTC and local time output of time stamps. Local time is the default now.
  • Miscellaneous (Build 2266): Small change to the script which avoids an error message under AIX.

Release 1.3.x.2 (January 2010)
  • Configuration (Build 2159): User defined configuration support added. The MyARM configuration can now be easily changed by using the user.conf file which contains any uses specific configuration property.
  • Miscellaneous (Build 2169): Correlation of transactions improved alot. Now uses a correlation generation count which does not need to update transaction rows within the database anymore.
  • Platform (Build 2171): AIX (32bit) is now fully supported.
  • Tools (Build 2048): Added application instance and group filter support for command line constraint options.
  • Miscellaneous (Build 2188): Under Windows MyARM is now registered with the edition name. For example the community edition is registered as MyARM Community Edition
  • Miscellaneous (Build 2093): Least recently used cache for application, transaction and metric definitions as well as for system addresses and users implemented.
  • Platform (Build 2137): Under Unix like systems now checks for /var/myarm correctly.
  • Tools (Build 2142): Removed PAGER environment variable support within command line tools.
  • Tools (Build 2033): myarmdelete now only deletes definitions and instances according the given application and/or transaction name.
  • Tools (Build 2031): myarmexport now only exports all data for a given application name.

Release 1.3.x.1 (October 2009)
  • Datasource (Build 1893): Filtering of context properties with SQLite works now correctly. Not in all circumstances the temporary view was created.

Release 1.3.x.0 (August 2009)
  • Tools (Build 1808): myarminfo now prints the used database configuration.
  • Tools (Build 1807): myarmexport supports now the --engine option.
  • Database (Build 1809): The layout of the database has changed. Now it support three different kinds of databases:
    1. Definition database storing all ARM definitions.
    2. Application database storing all ARM application instances and context properties.
    3. Transaction database storing all ARM transaction instances, context properties and metrics.
  • Tools (Build 1807): If myarmdelete, myarmexport or myarmimport fails it now returns an error code of 1.
  • Tools (Build 1778): Fixed negative response time fraction output in some circumstances.
  • Tools (Build 1778): Fixed output of transaction duration in days.
  • Tools (Build 1749): Import of XML data was wrong if more than 100 transaction definitons were imported.

Release 1.2.x.6 (February 2009)
  • Tools (Build 1648): myarminitdb now supports to set storage engine for MySQL.

Release 1.2.x.3 (October 2008)
  • Tools (Build 1487): Windows registry environment reading added in 1.2.x.0 and later had higher priority than environment variables and command line options. Now the following order is implemented:
    1. Command line options
    2. Environment variable
    3. Windows registry entries

Release (June 2008)
  • Tools (Build 1323): Now system addresses can be exported/imported separately using myarmexport/myarmimport command.
  • Tools (Build 1323): Command line tools now uses UTC time for input and output.

Release (May 2008)
  • Tools: myarmdelete --all now supports also constraint options to select specific application and/or transaction instances to delete
  • Tools: myarmexport now correctly handles constraint options to select specific sets of transaction and/or application instances.

Release (April 2008)
  • Release: MyARM supports now Windows/x86 and Solaris/x86.
  • Database: Improved MyARM database layout to speed up the correlation process alot.
  • Tools: Consolidated MyARM command line tools. Including new tools: myarmstat, myarmchain and myarmdefinition

Release 1.0.5 (June 2006)
  • Documentation: Added HTML UserGuide.

Release 1.0.4 (February 2006)
  • Release: Release of MyARM for Solaris

Release 1.0.3 (December 2005)
  • Tools: myarmdelete --all option now works with gdbm backend.

Release 1.0.2 (November 2005)
  • Miscellaneous: Added needed third-party shared libraries (stdc++, gdbm and qDecoder) in distribution.
  • Tools: Added --all option to myarmdelete to delete all application and/or transaction instances including their properties and/or metrics.
  • Tools: Added -p and --property option to myarminfo program allowing to print out the value of the given property name.
  • Tools: Command line switches --depth, --no-metrics and --no-context added to myarmquery.
  • Miscellaneous: Optimized retrieving of transactions in MySQL databases.
  • Miscellaneous: Unlimited retrieval of nested child-transactions are now supported.
  • Tools: Optimized myarmquery: Now only retrieves properties and/or metrics if requested in the command line tool.
  • Tools: In general now command line switches overwrites configuration values.

Release 1.0.1 (August 2005)
  • Miscellaneous: ARM properties are now properly escaped for writing into MySQL database.

Release 1.0.0 (May 2005)
  • Release: Initial release of MyARM.