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myarmstat -- computes statistical metrics of transactions

The myarmstat command line tool is used to get statistical metrics of transaction or application instances. It calculates statistics for each specified transaction separately unless the --all is specified.

Command line options


myarmstat [options] [appName][:tranName] [appName2][:tranName2] ...
appName:tranName, appName2:tranName2
If specified only calculates statistics for instances of ARM tramsactions which matches this application and/or transaction name. For details about specifying application and/or transaction names read the section "Application and transaction names".

In addition to the listed options below, the myarmdelete command supports standard options described in appendix "Standard options" and the constraint options in appendix "Constraints options".

Entity selection options

With one of the following entity selection option an entity is selected for statistical analysis. If a name is omitted all instances of the appropriate entity are analysed. Otherwise only the instances with the name(s) provided are analysed.

-a, --apps
selects application instances for statistical analysis.
-t, --trans
selects transactions instances for statistical analysis which is the default.

Other Options

process all specified application or transaction names in only one single statistic instead of a single statistic for each specified name.
-rm num, --result-max num
specifies a maximum number of transactions to process.
-ri num, --result-index num
specifies the number num of transaction to skip before starting to statistically analyse the transactions.
-y, --async-pc
specifies to use the parent/child asynchronous duration instead of the normal measured duration. This is only valid for transaction analysis.
-Y level=child, --async-cp level=child
specifies to use the child/parent asynchronous duration of the specified child at the specified level instead of the normal measured duration. This is only valid for transaction analysis.


ruppert@armadillo:$ myarmstat -t httpd:HTTP
Statistics for httpd:HTTP transaction instances (ms)
Status      Count      Mean        Min        Max     Median   Deviation
All         67634   154.592      0.014 301563.141      7.148    1253.534
Good        67341   150.238      0.014  28959.341      7.080     478.588
Aborted       293  1155.394      2.913 301563.141    114.551   17580.395
Failed          0     0.000      0.000      0.000      0.000       0.000
Unknown         0     0.000      0.000      0.000      0.000       0.000
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