License key

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MyARM checks for a valid license using the so-called license key. MyARM product family is divided into several editions. A license key is only valid for the given edition and release. You get your license key for MyARM only by email after finishing the ordering process and the license fee was paid.

The license key can be made available to the MyARM components with the following ways:

  1. Using the MYARM_LICENSE_KEY environment variable which contains the license key provided to run MyARM components on the current host.
  2. Adding the following line in each configuration file you use to deploy ARM instrumented applications and MyARM tools:
    myarm.key = <license_key_string>
  3. Using a keyfile containing the license key of the host MyARM is running on. The file must be located in the directory of the actual configuration file. The file name has to be whether myarm.key or <host>.key where <host> is the name of the current host.