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The admin user

The MyARM web browser application supports a pre-configured user named admin (See "Configuring web browser"). When logging in as this user you can change the choices offered to all other users of the MyARM web browser application.

Specify "demo" (as configured in the MyARM configuration) as user name when logging in. After logging in, you may use the MyARM web browser in the same way as any other user. The only visible difference is that in the Preferences dialog the additional "Selection" and "Time interval" tabs exists.

Figure: Enter an user name

The "Remember" check-box is used to remember the user name within your browser and is stored in a cookie.

In the upper right corner you will now see a message similar to "Logged in as: demo (ad)". In this example, we have provided the user name "demo". The "(ad)" indicates that the user demo is configured to be the administrator.