Documentation / Community Edition

The graphic above shows which components can be used in the Community edition:

  1. The ARM instrumented applications (C/C++, C\#, Java and Python) uses the ARM 4.0 interfaces to measure ARM transactions
  2. The ARM agent implements the ARM 4.0 interfaces and is linked (dll or jar) against the instrumented application:
    1. The tcp datasink writes the measured ARM data over a TCP/IP connection to a myarmdaemon
    2. A handler is used to adopt the behaviour of the MyARM agent. The community edition supports the event flow auto response handler and the apache handler.
  3. The myarmdaemon receives ARM data from TCP clients (tcp datasink) and to stores any received ARM data into a database
  4. SQLite3 database support
  5. A standard web browser can be used to access the myarmbrowser web application
  6. myarmmanager provides a simple graphical user interface to access myarmbrowser web application