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This section describes the ARM language bindings supported by MyARM. It provides a more detailed description of the MyARM set of ARM features.

ARM 4.0 Java Binding

The ARM 4.0 Java Binding published by The Open Group defines a complete set of Java interfaces to instrument applications to measure performance data. MyARM implements this API and can be used with any standard conforming instrumented application. This section does not describe the Java interfaces as it is published by The Open Group (see ARM4J for a interface description) it describes the concrete implementation and special characteristics of MyARM for Java. Read also the creating ARM object appendix in the agent reference.

JNI Implementation

The current implementation of the ARM 4.0 Java binding makes use of the MyARM C agent implementation using the Java native interface (JNI). Therefore all features and characteristics of the C implementation apply to the MyARM for Java agent. If there is a high demand for a Java native ARM 4.0 implementation we consider implementing such a native Java agent.


An overview of the performance impact by using the MyARM ARM 4.0 Java Binding is documented in the appendix ARM 4.0 Java Binding agent overhead.