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This section will show you how to use the myarmadmin interface in order to manage so-called MyARM runtime configurations. Point your browser to the URL identifying the MyARM web administration interface. The exact URL you have to use must include the host name of the server running the FastCGI process. If your web browser executes on the node where the web browsing interface has been installed, you can use the URL http://localhost/fcgi-bin/myarmadmin.fcgi.

If you use the standalone version of the MyARM web browser you can use the URL http://localhost:8081/.

Figure: The MyARM web admin interface (Click to enlarge)

The next section will give you a short overview regarding the major parts making up the myarmadmin interface. We will then follow up with the description of a typical start how to setup runtime configurations with the myarmadmin interface.

The following sections will provide detailed information on how to change or manage the runtime configurations within the myarmadmin interface.