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The MyARM-Manager gives a MyARM user the ability to get browse through measured transaction data, change administration configuration and monitor and browse so-called real time statistics (RTS). It provides a standalone user interface of the appropriate MyARM web applications as described in "Web user interface" section.

Figure: The MyARM-Manager with browser tab opened (Click to enlarge)

In Figure "The MyARM-Manager with browser tab opened" the "Browser" web application is opened as a tab in the MyARM-Manager.

Command line options

The myarmmanager can be invoked with different command line options to change it start behaviour.


myarmmanager [options]


The myarmmanager command supports the standard options described in appendix "Standard options" and the following manager specific options:

-at, --admin-tab
Opens the Administration tab initially
-bt, --browser-tab
Opens the Browser tab initially (default)
-rbt, --rtsbrowser-tab
Opens the RTS-Browser tab initially
-rmt, --rtsmonitor-tab
Opens the RTS-Monitor tab initially
-nt, --no-tab
Do not open a tab initially
--base-url url
Specifies a base url where the MyARM web-applications are deployed. For example: can be used to access our demo web-applications
-mi, --myarm-info
Runs the myarmmanager to browse and monitor the demo web-site
--admin-url url
URL where the MyARM Administration web application is deployed
--browser-url url
URL where the MyARM Browser web application is deployed
--rtsbrowser-url url
URL where the MyARM RTS-Browser web application is deployed
--rtsmonitor-url url
URL where the MyARM RTS-Monitor web application is deployed
--browser-config config, --bcfg config
Pass the provided configuration name to the MyARM Browser web application to initially load this configuration
See Also
myarmoptions, myarmconfig


The 'File' Menu

Figure: The 'File' Menu


A sub-menu used to open a new tab. "Tabs Toolbar" for details.


Quits the running MyARM-Manager.

The 'Edit' Menu

Figure: The 'Edit' Menu

Date selection

The "Edit / Date selection" is used to switch between single and multiple day selection within the "Browser" tab.

Save window state as default

Saves the current window state (position, dimension, etc) as the default. This state will be used later on to initialize the MyARM-Manager.

Preferences ...

The "Edit / Preferences ..." menu item will open the preferences dialog of the web application in the current tab.

The 'View' Menu

Figure: The 'View' Menu


The "View / Menubar" toggles the visibility of the menubar.


The "View / Toolbar" toggles the visibility of the toolbar.


The "View / Fullscreen" toggles the full screen mode.

The 'Help' Menu

Figure: The 'Help' Menu


The "Help / Online-Help" opens the online help with the default system web-browser.


The "Help / About" opens the about dialog.

Tabs Toolbar

Figure: The 'Tabs' Toolbar

The following web applications can be opened (if available) in a tab by clicking on the appropriate toolbar button:

"RTS Browser"
"RTS Monitor"

It starts the appropriate web application on the local host and connects to it.

Since the MyARM-Manager is started on behalf of the current user its user name is used to log into the MyARM web application. The web application hides the menu and user name.

If only the "Browser" web application is available (Community Edition) the tabs toolbar can not be used and it is not shown at all.