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myarmchain -- computes statistical metrics of transactions chains

This program analyse transaction chains and computes statistical metrics. Therefore it scans the current configured database for the (given) parent transactions and analysis the structure of any found transaction chain. For each identical transaction chain (with exact the same structure) it measures the mean, median, min, max, deviation and relative start time for each transaction within the chain.

Note this program only works if the correlation information was generated before by calling the myarmcorrelate program.

Command line options


myarmchain [options] [appName][:tranName] [appName2][:tranName2]
appName:tranName, appName2:tranName2
specifies the application and/or transaction name to be the parent transaction for any transaction chain to analyse. If only an application name is specified all transactions of this applications are interpreted as the parent transaction for any chain to analyse. For details about specifying application and/or transaction names read the section "Application and transaction names".

In addition to the options listed below, the myarmchain command supports standard options described in appendix "Standard options" and the constraint options in appendix "Constraints options".

-rm num, --result-max num
specifies a maximum number of parent transactions for analysing their chains.
-ri num, --result-index num
specifies the number of parent transaction to skip, starting analysing from parent transaction number num
See Also
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