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myarmstat -- computes statistical metrics of transactions

The myarmstat command line tool is used to get statistical metrics of transaction instances. It calculates statistics for each specified transaction separately unless the --all is specified.

Command line options


myarmstat [options] [appName][:tranName] [appName2][:tranName2] ...
appName:tranName, appName2:tranName2
If specified only calculates statistics for instances of ARM transactions which matches this application and/or transaction name. For details about specifying application and/or transaction names read the section "Application and transaction names".

In addition to the listed options below, the myarmstat command supports standard options described in appendix "Standard options" and the constraint options in appendix "Constraints options".

Other Options

process all specified application or transaction names in only one single statistic instead of a single statistic for each specified name.
show also status statistics even the count is zero


ruppert@myarm /opt/myarm $ myarmstat httpd:HTTP
Statistics for httpd:HTTP transaction instances (ms)
Status        Count      Mean        Min        Max     Median   Deviation
Good          17009   269.502      0.132 347430.529     32.795    3721.576
Aborted          85  2986.504     13.392  47517.968    228.046    9756.655
Failed          813   744.059      0.173   2115.616    146.203     904.046
All           17907   303.945      0.132 347430.529     43.494    3699.812
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