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The Menu

Figure: The menu


The menu item labelled "Menu / Preferences..." opens a dialog for changing your preferences:

Figure: Preference dialog

The tab "Display" specifies the time and date formatting used when displaying dates and times. The default setting is to use European settings. By clicking the check box "UTC" you can force displaying the time in Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).

The drop-down-box labelled "Response time" determines which granularity is used for displaying response times. You can specify "Microseconds", "Milliseconds", "Seconds", "Minutes", "Hours" or "Days".

Save current view settings as default

Selecting this menu item all current settings are stored into database and if the application is started later on it will use these settings. Mainly the current viewed tabs and the settings of the Log messages, RTS events and Transaction events tabs are stored.


Selecting the menu item "Menu / About MyARM ..." will open a window displaying an informational text about the MyARM (e.g. version, edition, contact address, etc) (see the browser "About" menu).